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carver using a wood burning tool Woodburners use heat to create texturing and detail on carved wood pieces. Woodburners comprise a power unit, a cord, a handpiece, and several tips that attach to the handpiece.

Woodburners are available with different features and power output. For example, some woodburners burn only at one temperature, while others have a range of settings.

When choosing a woodburner, be sure to consider the type of burning you are doing, and your style. If you require flexibility, consider a "medium duty" woodburner, which can cover a range of uses. If you are working on very small pieces that require lots of detail, a burning pen with a small, fine tip may be your best option. If you'll be pressing hard, or will be burning at very hot temperatures, you'll need to purchase a woodburning tool that is tough enough for this type of work. Fixed tip woodburners have one tip on the end, while replaceable tips can be unplugged and replaced with different tips.

Because you hold a woodburner like a pen, be sure to try them out to see how they feel in your hand before you buy. In addition to feeling comfortable, woodburners should always remain cool to the touch.

Make sure that the tip of the woodburner reaches the desired level of heat quickly, and does not fluctuate in temperature. In order to get the best results, it's important that the woodburner have a consistent temperature.

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