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angle grinder Angle grinders, also known as side grinders or disc grinders, are used to cut, grind, and polish. Their construction makes them ideal for cutting into a piece, or for quickly and efficiently removing large portions of wood. Power carvers often use angle grinders to do the detail work on larger wood sculptures. For example, many of the large chainsaw sculptures that you see have been finished with angle grinders.

Angle grinders typically use a large carbide disc or a toothed chain. A motor drives the disc or chain, which can be replaced once it is worn out. The motor can be powered by electricity, gas, or compressed air, depending upon the design of the angle grinder.

Angle grinders have a side handle to facilitate two-handed operation. Because they require two hands to operate, it's important that the wood being carved is securely clamped down. Additional safety precautions when using an angle grinder include wearing wrap-around eye protection, protective clothing such as leather gloves and a leather apron, and a dust mask that filters out wood dust, metals, and other dangerous particles.

When purchasing an angle grinder, consider how you plan to use it, the size of the disc, and power. As a general rule of thumb the size of the disc and power increase together. Smaller discs and power are good for smaller carvings, while larger carvings require larger discs and more power.

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Angle Grinders