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marble sculptor using a handheld grinder The handheld grinder is one of the most flexible tools available to power carvers, and comprises many different types of tools. Handheld grinders are often used in similar ways to the flexible motor shaft. The primary difference is that the handpiece and motor are usually in an enclosed housing. Handheld grinders can be attached to a flexible shaft as well, which would enable them to do just about everything the flexible shaft motor can do.

Variable speed grinders enable the power carver to adjust the rpm, depending upon the type of carving being done. For example, the rpm might be lowered for rough work on larger carvings, while it might be increased for detail work and texturing.

Some handheld grinders have changeable collets, which means that the tool can accept a variety of different bits and burs. By adjusting the speed and the bit, the power carver can perform a variety of different types of carving and finishing techniques.

Handheld grinders are appropriate for shaping, sanding, deburring, polishing, cutting, drilling, and grinding. They can be electric or can be cordless with removable battery packs, enabling you to work in places without access to power outlets. Some handheld grinder kits come with hundreds of accessories, making them a must-have tool for the power carver who desires flexibility.

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Handheld Grinders