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Whether you are using traditional wood carving tools or power wood carving tools, the use of any tool comes with some risk. Power wood carving tool users will improve their experience if they educate themselves about potential safety hazards, and take the proper precautions.

Body Protection

If a power wood carving tool can remove wood, it can also remove flesh. To keep your hands safe, always carve along the grain of the wood, and avoid trying to remove wood too quickly, which can cause the tool to slip. When using large bits, clamp your project down. Avoid loose clothing or hair, which can get caught in moving bits, and protect your clothing with a leather apron. Do not wear traditional carving gloves, as the fibers can get caught in the bit; if you must wear a glove, use a heavy leather welding glove.

man wearing a dust mask and safety glasses Power wood carving creates a lot of flying particles, so it's important that eyes are protected at all times. Safety glasses with side shields will protect eyes from airborne wood particles, as well as from metal bur particles.


Power wood carving releases find particles of wood dust, which can cause health issues such as asthma, allergic reactions, and even some cancers when inhaled. Carvers should always use a filtering dust mask when carving. In addition, a dust collection system pulls wood dust particles out of the air and traps them in a filter.


Any time dust is not properly removed and builds up, there is a fire hazard. Never allow smoking in your wood shop, and remove settled dust immediately.
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