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natural lighting in a woodcarver workshop While power carving machines and bits provide the backbone of any power carver's operation, accessories can improve the power wood carving experience. Accessories that may increase your efficiency and enjoyment include:


While natural lighting is best, wood carvers don't always have access to it. In these cases, it's best to simulate natural lighting with artificial lighting. Individual lighting preferences vary, but a combination of incandescent and fluorescent light can mimic natural lighting. Play with the spaces and ratios to figure out what works best for you.

Shadow Light

Shadow light is a tabletop light source that is positioned so it falls across the carver's work, resulting in shadows that enable the carver to produce the most realistic texture and detail cuts.


Carvers who are doing very fine detailed work can improve the quality of their carvings with magnification products. Magnification products used in the wood carving process include magnifying lights and magnifying visors. Magnifying visors are worn on the head, and come in various powers. The power you choose will depend mostly on the distance you like to hold your work. Before you choose a magnifying visor, be sure to try it out to make sure the power is correct.


Positioners hold your work, and enable you to tilt, turn, rotate, or otherwise change the position of your work by using a lever. Positioners are designed to be mounted to your workbench.

woodcarver using a wood clamp


Clamps hold your work in place, ensuring your work doesn't slip and increasing safety. There are many different sizes of clamps depending upon the size of your carvings. Some are designed to be mounted to your work area, while other stand-alone clamps are designed for larger carvings.

Machine Hangers

Machine hangers enable your flexible shaft machine to suspend above the work area, giving more freedom to the machinery and also increasing the amount of work space.

Handpiece Holders

A handpiece holder enables the power wood carver to safely put his handpiece down, without waiting for rotation to completely stop.
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