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assorted diamond coated burs The bit or bur is the part of the power carving tool that removes wood. Bits come in many different materials, shapes, head sizes, and shank sizes. The type of bit you use should depend on how quickly you want to remove wood, how much wood you want to remove, how smooth you want the finished wood to be, and how big of an area you are carving.


Bits can be made of carbide, steel, aluminum oxide, stone, and man-made stone. The material of the bit will determine what kind of surface it leaves behind. Coarse bits remove wood faster, but leave a rougher surface, while finer bits take longer to remove wood, but leave a smoother surface.

Shapes and Sizes

Bits come in many different shapes, including ball, cylinder, flame, pear, bull nose, large taper, small taper, oval, inverted cone, and disc. The shape of the bit will determine the type of cut made to the wood carving, and many shapes have specific purposes. Larger bits are typically used for roughing out carvings, while smaller bits are used for detail work.

Shank Diameter

The shank is the piece that connects the rotary power carver to the bit. Shanks come in a variety of diameters; the larger the size of the bit head, the larger the shank diameter. Flexible shaft machines can accept any shank diameter when equipped with a complementary collet, while micro motors can accept shank diameters of 1/8 inches and 3/32 inches. If you wish to use other diameters in a micro motor, additional collets can be purchased.
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